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In the fireproof board market, companies are facing the livelihood rules of "big fish" eating "small fish" and "fast fish" eating "slow fish". In order to make a living, the promotion competition between companies must be continuously upgraded, constantly innovated and used to Changes in the mall environment.
Although cross-border is the new darling in the promotion competition, it also "decomposes" N different shapes. This article will try to enumerate and analyze the various shapes of cross-border cross-industry alliances, upstream and downstream, promotion cross-border, regional cross-border and so on.
Shape 1: Upstream and downstream
Unlike the different industry alliances, upstream and downstream cross-borders are not collaborations with other professional companies, but are independent portals to establish new ways to broaden the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain and seek new growth points. The effect of this is not only to greatly improve the company's inductive competition ability and rich product line in a short time, but also to help the company improve its ability to resist danger, eliminate the disadvantages of homogeneous competition, and complete walking on multiple legs. For example, the red apple fireproof board market, together with its own products, focuses on a full set of custom-made soft outfit services.
However, upstream and downstream cross-border inspections of the company are very large. After all, inter-industry alliances are crowded with firewood, and upstream and downstream cross-border are alone. If the company does not have strong capital, then the expansion of the upstream and downstream commodity lines may very well bring down the original asset base. And although it is an up-and-down industrial chain, it is already a different shopping mall, which requires professional talents to assist and control them. If the company also transfers the successful experience of the original mall to the new one, it will lose more than it pays.
Shape 2: Promote Transboundary
Today's Fireproof board manufacturers, general gifts, buckles and other promotional methods can no longer mobilize consumers' enthusiasm on a large scale, as long as product information is more gathered, buyers and sellers are more interactive, various online shopping, group buying is still far Lively shopping malls, shopping malls need more new promotion methods to fight the blood of shopping malls, promotion of cross-border can be said to be an excellent stimulant.
This method generally requires the cooperation of a group of policy partners to jointly seize the mall. In this way, small brands are more difficult to do. Because small brands generally expect to find collaborations with big brands and improve their success rate, but big brands are not blindfolded and will not easily collaborate with small brands. This is also a practical obstacle. However, from the perspective of the current application, the results are not ambitious. For example, in the above-mentioned promotion method of "buying a house and sending Fireproof board market", the gimmick is enough, but there are big doubts. On the one hand, consumers have their own choice of the Fireproof board market, and on the other hand, the style and style of the Fireproof board market provided by manufacturers are restricted. Consumers generally think that real estate developers and Fireproof board market companies are playing "wool out on sheep" "The game scams consumers and makes a big impact. Promotion of cross-borders, from strategic design, collaborative appointments, negotiation to implementation and follow-up, only one link is not handled properly, and there may be an end to the cooperation between the two parties, so the use of cross-border promotion methods must be careful.
Shape 3: Area Crossing
Regional cross-border flourishes in the recent urbanization, which refers more to the appearance of the Fireproof board market expanding from first-tier and second-tier cities to third-tier and fourth-tier cities. After years of development, shopping malls in first- and second-tier cities are now full and the space is not enough.
It is no longer possible to have a large-scale development. Moreover, the population of first- and second-tier cities is densely populated, so the competition opponents are also scattered. In this situation, avoiding the competition may get greater profits.
With this careful consideration, many people in the Fireproof board market have begun to march to third- and fourth-tier cities. The household store began to select potential third- and fourth-tier cities to play chess. The factory began to explore the types of fireproofing panels in the third- and fourth-tier cities. The distribution began to discuss the consumer minds of the third- and fourth-tier cities ... The war has now begun.

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