What are the uses of magnesuim oxide board?


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It can be used as wall panels, ceiling panels, fire-proof panels, waterproof panels, packing boxes, etc. It can replace wood plywood as wall skirts, doors and windows, door panels, furniture, etc. It can also be coated with lacquer and water paint as required, and can be processed into various types of boards. It can also be used for projects in humid environments such as basements and mines, and used in combination with a variety of thermal insulation materials to make composite thermal insulation panels!
The magnesuim oxide board can be made into a variety of decorative works through sawing, planing, nailing and other processing techniques, and finished with decorative latex paint, wallpaper, and ceramic wall tiles. Can be widely used for furniture substrates, fire doors, bathroom partitions, stone composites, decorative boards, carved decoration, load-bearing plates, packaging, industrial equipment insulation boards, artificial stone composite floor boards, electrical heat-resistant panels, building templates, air-conditioning duct substrates Etc. It is a versatile inorganic fireproof and waterproof sheet.
In addition, magnesuim oxide board is one of the optional boards for the ceiling. It has the characteristics of environmental protection and energy saving, can be sawed, nailed, sticky, coated, and brushed. It is suitable for indoor, outdoor ceiling tiles, such as residential, office buildings, hotels, hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, airports, subways, libraries, venues, sports fields, museums, factories, etc.

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