Dawn Residential Design Institute,according to customer preferences,customized to customer satisfaction so far,speaking of customer confirmation after the room drawings to the factory,engineering,purchasing and warehousing department


The factory received the drawings,in accordance with CAD to provide technical information and materials in the factory producing all kinds of report structure,components,and then all the materials and components processed shipped to the site assembly room

High quality building materials

From housing components to complete sets of building materials are modern building technology and firstclass environmental protection building materials

Site construction

From the foundation construction to the housing ( frame ),the main installation,interior and exterior decoration and equipment installation until the turnkey

Short construction period

20 working days 8 workers can complete 100㎡-2000㎡ single house Duplexes villa from the foundation to the whole project decoration

Green environmental protection

Green building materials,built green homes,environmental indicators by the authority of testing are higher than the national standards

Main points of construction
Main points of construction
Main points of construction